Upgrade Perl on FreeBSD with portupgrade

Upgrading perl is very simple. It just takes a long time to compile everything again. See the script below how to do it. If you have an other version of perl from which you upgrade don’t forget to change the version number then!

# lang/perl5.12 is out. If you want to switch to it from, for example
#  lang/perl5.10, that is:
# Portupgrade users:
# 0) Fix pkgdb.db (for safety):
pkgdb -Ff
# 1) Reinstall new version of Perl (5.12):
env DISABLE_CONFLICTS=1 portupgrade -o lang/perl5.12 -f perl-5.10.\*
# 2) Reinstall everything that depends on Perl:
portupgrade -fr perl

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