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One of my favourite tools in OSX can use iTerm 2. I had to google it to find out how.
So as a reminder to myself


open -a Go2Shell --args config

Set title OSX tab

If you’re like me and you have one terminal window in OSX with a lot of tabs. It is handy to see which tab holds which connection to a which server.

The terminal title can easily be set to something you like.

Example: Set to the hostname of the server:

echo -n -e "\033]0;`hostname`\007"

Example: Set to something else

echo -n -e "\033]0;something else\007"

Just add this to the .profile file in you home directory and the shell appears with your line set in the tab title.

telnet client for a ssl line.

Sometimes it is handy to debug services by hand. For plain services telnet is always a handy tool. But it is completely useless for ssl encoded services. But OpenSSL to the rescue!

openssl s_client -connect

Change location of screenshots in OSX

A very nice feature of OSX is to save the screenshots at a place which you can pick yourself.
Mine is /Users/<username>/Pictures/Screenshots.

defaults write location /Full/Path/To/Folder